Guest artist at the Watercolour New Zealand Annual Exhibition - Splash

24 October - 31 October 2015

Paintings by New Zealand’s top watercolour artists are on show in Splash 2015, Watercolour New Zealand’s national exhibition at the Academy Galleries.

The show, which runs from 24 October to 1 November, includes paintings by Ted Sherwen, Adrienne Pavelka, Jacky Pearson, Alfred Memelink, Philip Markham, Alan Collins, Phil Dickson, Robin Kay, Wendy Masters, Dianne Taylor, Brian Baxter, Min Kim, Svetlana Orinko and Richard Bolton.

Guest artist Bernadette Parsons, featured in Denis Robinson’s book New Zealand in Watercolour, has won numerous awards for her work, including the Supreme Award at WNZ’s 2014 exhibition. At this year’s Royal Easter Show in Auckland, Bernadette carried off both the Raye Hannam Memorial Trophy for Best Watercolour and the Royal Agricultural Society Medal for Most Successful Artist in Show.

The exhibition features over 200 paintings in a variety of styles ranging from photorealism to abstracts. Subjects include landscapes, seascapes, townscapes, people, nudes, animals, flowers and fantasy. There’s something to suit all tastes. This exhibition promises to be one of the highlights of the Wellington visual arts calendar.

For more information, please view society's website.

'Of Willows and Wetlands' by Bernadette Parsons

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